Extension Professionals

Tina Dugdale

Extension Educator

Tina is an Extension Educator in the Department of Allied Health Sciences. Implementing curricula she developed for the supervised practice component of three community nutrition courses, she connects dietetics students and interns to SNAP eligible individuals and families to engage these groups in nutrition education sessions. Workshops and lessons aim to increase participant knowledge and healthy behaviors related to the economical purchase and preparation of nutritious foods, and the balancing of energy taken in with expenditure. The University’s mission of outreach to low-income and culturally diverse individuals is increased while the dietetics students and interns gain competence in public health nutrition knowledge and skills.

Tina currently serves the Connecticut Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as Delegate. Her year-term will end June 1st, 2015.


Phone: (860) 306-0228

Email: tina.dugdale@uconn.edu