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Master Gardener Program

Fall 2017

Garden Master Classes are offered through the UConn Extension Master Gardener Program. These classes provide continuing education for Certified Master Gardeners as part of the Advanced Master Gardener certification process.

These classes are also open to the general public. Anyone with an interest in gardening and horticulture is welcome!

November 4th Saturday 10am - 12pm
Foundation Gardens that Say 'Welcome Home' 
Location: New London County Extension Center.  
Instructor - Kathy Connolly 
Registration Closes 11/06/2017

November 11th Saturday 10am - 12pm
Plants for Inside the Home 
Location: New London County Extension Center 
Instructor - Nancy Ballek Mackinnon 
Registration Closes 11/12/2017

November 18th Saturday 10am - 12pm
Cutting Propagation for the Home Garden 
Location: New London County Exention Center 
Instructor -  Adam Wheeler 
Registration Closes 11/20/2017

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Please feel free to contact Paul Armond (paul.armond@uconn.edu) 
with any questions.